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Stress in Kids

Stress in Kids

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture for Children

Kids, like adults, can experience the tensions of life. Because kids are naturally sensitive and just big spheres of energy. They can become easily stressed out when hungry, tired, frustrated, or over stimulated. On the other hand, they love experiencing and learning in life. It’s just they have a lower tolerance for the stressors of everyday life. This is why simple things like naps, playing outside, or a snack can restore some balance.

When kids are having trouble regulating their emotions or dealing with all the things that are bombarding them. Symptoms such as crying spells, tantrums, sleeping issues, nightmares, irritability, and agitation can occur. This can be due to the changes in all of their bodies systems that are happening rapidly. Coupled with peer pressure, rules at home and school, wanting to please people, wanting to be independent, maybe fears of separation from family. No wonder kids lose the capacity to deal with life.

What can we do?

Chinese Herbal Medicine

There are some excellent herbal remedies that can help kids maintain balanced emotions, and help with sleeping. A lot of these remedies are premade and don’t taste to bad. They are safe, and don’t have sedative effects.


Acupuncture is great for regulating and calming the nervous system. The stimulus from acupuncture needling creates a cascade of signaling throughout the body. Its effects are gentle, and you would be surprised that a lot of kids are not scared to try this modality.


This is a great tool you can use anytime and anywhere. Just watch the video below that accompanies this article for the locations of the points to use. Use frequently for best results, kids can learn this and use on themselves whenever they need to.

  • Make sure diet has adequate amounts of calcium and magnesium.
  • Make sure diet contains complex carbohydrates such as fresh fruits & vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Eat cold water fish like tuna & salmon.
  • Eliminate from the diet: sugar, candy, junk food, fried foods, & carbonated drinks.
  • Avoid foods with artificial coloring & flavoring.
In General

Just let kids be bored for a change. When was the last time you heard that from your kids? Most kids nowadays are under constant stimulation from phones, TV, radio, video games, and other activities. What this seems to hurt is creativity. If you never give your body any downtime from stimulation it never has a chance to have any creative thoughts. So, try letting your kids be bored, the results might surprise you.