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Lance Lee acupuncture
Lance L. Lee, DOM, LAc

My purpose in this clinic & with Lance Lee Acupuncture is to use my talents of commitment, loyalty, persistence, humility, and listening, to lead, encourage, guide and help as many people possible reach their potential. By alleviating or managing their afflictions. To educate about the benefits of Oriental Medicine and Natural health so they may, in turn, educate others.

"There is nothing else I can do."

This is what my mother-in-law repeatedly heard after seeing numerous medical doctors for her health condition. She was an avid long distance runner for years when suddenly an illness hit her. She began losing weight, losing her appetite, having insomnia, having intense muscle, joint, & bone pain, with a fatigue that kept her in bed. Eventually she was unable to walk with out assistance and in her words felt like she was going to die. She began searching for doctors that could explain what was going on but all medical tests came back normal. No one could figure out what was happening, so they simply put her on pain medications. Her pain intensified, walking was becoming impossible, she seemed to be aging rapidly, and still nobody had any answers. In less than a year my mother-in-law had gone from running marathons to needing a wheelchair; whereas week after week she heard there was nothing that the medical doctors could do for her. Finally she was sent to a psychiatrist because they felt this had to be all in her head. Numerous prescriptions were used but nothing helped, and she continued to get worse. Two years and eight doctors later she stopped all prescriptions, stopped going to medical doctors, and just wanted to die. Eventually her oldest son living in California suggested an acupuncturist that he had met previously. What did she have to lose, nothing had worked up to this point and this was an option she did not even know existed. So she flew to California and started receiving acupuncture and herbal treatments immediately, and the acupuncturist explained that some new reports were coming out that certain cholesterol medications could cause this kind of a disease process. This process he explained had left her toxic and depleted. Stopping the medication did help to some degree, however if she did not start a process of detoxifying and rebuilding her body she would continue to downslide.

When I saw the dramatic changes that happened after she began treatment I became extremely interested in what oriental medicine had to offer to health care. Yes, my mother-in-law still has some residual problems. However with oriental medicine she is able to live a better life, something she thought would never be obtainable. People need to know about the benefits of this type of healthcare and have access to it.

Lance Lee Acupuncture: Determination is how we got the word out.

In the year 2000 after graduating from Southwest Acupuncture College Leesa & I moved to Texas into a practice with a chiropractor. My dream of helping people was happening. However after a few months difficulties started to arise, I am not getting paid. We started to get into financial trouble and I was losing my dream of helping people. So we sold everything we could, moved back to New Mexico to live with family, and opened Acupuncture Medical Associates in Seminole, TX. I did not have my NM license at the time and we felt people would drive 30 to 40 miles from larger NM cities to Seminole for acupuncture treatments. We were right, and after numerous lectures, sitting up booths at county fairs, working 90 hours a week. We got the word out about this medicines benefit. Eventually, people drove from towns 150 miles away for treatment. In 2001, I passed my NM boards and we decided to divide Acupuncture Medical into two central locations, Hobbs & Clovis NM, to save people from having to drive as far for treatment. We never even considered the 70 plus miles we would have to drive on a daily basis to those offices, all we wanted to do was help people. Leesa and I poured everything we had into the business, even sleeping and eating at the office so that we could save as much money as possible. This way we could get the word out to as many people as possible about how oriental medicine through Acupuncture Medical Associates and Lance Lee Acupuncture, could benefit them.

Acupuncture Medicals Pledge

Seeing other people live in misery, taking numerous medications, and believing they have few options to a better life led me to start Acupuncture Medical Associates. It is my commitment to do everything possible to help as many people reach their potential by alleviating or managing their afflictions. Acupuncture Medicals aim is to use oriental medical techniques, such as acupuncture, herbal therapy, nutrition therapy, and oriental massage to relieve and/or manage people’s illnesses so that they can live more productive lives. Most people have no idea that there are options to healthcare needs, and that they do not have to live in misery day after day. It is no wonder that people are frustrated, angry, depressed, and uninspired. They get into a rut of health problems, told there are no more alternatives to their problem and just sent home with some pills. It is about treating people as individuals and all symptoms, however seemingly unrelated are treated as a whole. Then, offering people an opportunity to participate in their own health maintenance & disease prevention by educating them. This way people can live their life optimally, with less or no pain and illness.